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This is where Houston is going.
This is 'Houston's Next Midtown.'

In Houston, living close supersedes everything. Smart homebuyers know it, and Oasis Intown was developed specifically with location in mind.

A Spur of Growth

Spur 5 is Houston’s Gateway to Downtown. Built just off of Spur 5, residents of Oasis Intown enjoy direct access to Downtown, Midtown and all that central Houston has to offer, without the traffic and in less than five minutes. Smart developers know that property will soon be in strong demand surrounding Houston’s expanding light rail line. Oasis Intown was strategically built directly on the Southeast Corridor’s route, so that residents can enjoy trips to Downtown, Midtown, the Medical Center, the Galleria, sports arenas, offices and more without wasting gas or dealing with parking.

Developing Neighborhood

As others realize the value of this area, neighboring land is being bought up at skyrocketing rates. University of Houston, restaurant and shopping developers, and more already have plans for the surrounding community. Buying now means you’ll pay substantially less for a superior home than you would in Midtown, the Heights or Downtown.

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