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After graduating from Georgetown, Anita Barksdale returned to Houston to work at Fullbright & Jaworski, a prestigious law firm in downtown Houston. Anita used the Internet to support her home search. Because there are so many options when considering a home in Houston, she was able to use the Internet to compare homes, locations and prices. Anita did her research and found that homes at Oasis Intown were superior in style, standard features, central location, and cost much less than other alternatives. She was sold on Oasis Intown.

"I was inspired early in my childhood by the home my aunt built, which included stylistic marble, tile, landscaping and more. In my own home search, I wanted something similar that focused on details and quality. Oasis Intown really provided the style details that I was looking for! I found Oasis Intown online, and after browsing the photo gallery and reading about the development, I fell in love.

I wanted a place where I could get to know my neighbors by name, and I have no patience for an inconvenient location. That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose Oasis Intown: it has a FABULOUS location. I work at a law firm Downtown and can get to work in just ten minutes. I really love being able to run home during the day for a quick minute or stop by the house after work and return to the Downtown area immediately afterward. Also, my beautiful new home is in a great central location for entertaining friends!

What is Oasis Intown’s strongest selling point? I’ve had trouble deciding on a single factor. Location was key, but the house itself was a HUGE selling point. I love all of the amenities and attention to detail. I get the most compliments on the kitchen sink, the upstairs bathroom, the upstairs closet, the kitchen as a whole, the wood floors, the Oasis backyard, and the windows throughout the home… just to name a few!

Everything you buy is an investment. A house is an investment in your financial portfolio, your image, your peace of mind, etc. I believe that my home adds value to my financial portfolio because of new developments in the area, and because it is easily accessible to Downtown and the University of Houston. If I ever considered selling, I would have a good base of interested buyers to choose from. Also, I entertain people that may be future clients at my house. But even better than that - I rest at my house. I can just go in the backyard and swing, or enjoy the quiet as I soak in my tub, or even enjoy an evening where I am able to prepare a delicious meal in my kitchen.

The home buying experience was a positive one for me, and I appreciate the Oasis Intown staff that assisted me each step of the way.

I love the people here. I have gotten to know many of them pretty well, and we always find a way to find common ground to relate to each other. I also think they would look out for my home and for me, and that helps to make me feel safe.

I love that I found Oasis Intown. It’s a great place to call my own."

Welcome to the neighborhood, Anita Barksdale!

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